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Year of the Dragon - Part I

Pay attention. 

On February 10th the Year of the Dragon will arrive. Full speed. 

Please.  Pay attention.

The Chinese zodiac moves in 12-year cycles and each year is represented by an animal. The Rat is the first animal in the cycle and it marks the beginning of a new period. 2020 was the year of the Rat and I think we can all agree that humanity entered a new paradigm at that time. In fact, in the past few years, there has been a lot of funky-assed energy that has filled the collective consciousness and that energy seems to be gaining momentum. Nearly everyone seems to sense some kind of shift occurring whether globally or personally. In this cycle, we are now entering the year of the Dragon, which comes with some serious fucking energy. The Dragon is considered an auspicious symbol, but it is also the only mythical creature in the Chinese Zodiac and so it brings with it infinite possibilities shrouded in an enigmatic energy.


The Dragon has been a part of many ancient folklores, religions, legends, philosophies and remains an atavistic symbol in the consciousness of many cultures. Spiritually, the Dragon often represents our inner conflicts and embodies our fears, insecurities and traumas. We all create mythical fire-breathing creatures in our minds that repeat the same old stories and beliefs – whether they are about ourselves or the world around us - and that shit can mess with our inner peace. So, when we hear the term ‘slay the Dragon’ it usually speaks of an internal battle between our light and darkness; between that which no longer serves us and our greatest potential. It is about confronting the darkness within ourselves that we often keep hidden. Therefore, the first step in slaying your inner Dragon is becoming aware of the stories you tell yourself and figuring out your limiting beliefs. If your beliefs are not empowering you, you need to slay that bitch. This requires a lot of courage. This is The Work.


On top of the Dragon arriving on February 10, a few weeks ago, Pluto (the planet of death and rebirth) entered the progressive sign of Aquarius where it will be in residence for the next 20 years. This is also a big fucking deal. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was in the late 1700’s giving rise to the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Haitian Revolution and the Irish Revolt. In other words, the shit is coming to the surface and that shit is about to get real, girlfriends. The world is shifting fast and it’s time to adjust your view of the oncoming horizon as you ride through this new terrain.


If you have been going through a rough patch lately, know that you are not alone. Consider the combination of this potent, yet mysterious Dragon energy together with the transformational Pluto energy – then add the PTSD we’re all suffering from the pandemic and the crazy political shit we’re seeing. These are the winds of change pushing you to have the inner revolution necessary to bring you to where you need to be. Sure, it can feel uncomfortable, but a rebirth is always preceded by the destruction of the old shit.


In order to harness the energy of the Dragon, one must pay attention – this year will have an energetic and creative velocity shrouded with mystery and things will happen quickly. It is essential to be prepared with focused intentions and goals. This creative force will give us the chance to leave the past behind and write a new story for ourselves. Fuck those old fairy tales; we are powerful bitches that can slay our own dragons and can become the hero of our own story. Many opportunities will arise, but you have to be prepared to identify them as opportunities or they will disappear as quickly as they came. This requires a shift in consciousness; a willingness to look at things differently and be open to the idea that who you’ve been may not be the same person you need to become. It is never too late to start something new, but first, you need to take responsibility for the role you’ve been playing in your own stagnation and suffering…


…stay tuned for Part II


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