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Ali Bogner

I have been spiritual my whole life. I just didn’t know it...

I was a seeker of sorts, always drawn to the invisible; the elusive forces that lurked behind our 5 senses. Born in Brooklyn to Italian immigrant parents, I was labeled a “sensitive” child, because I was so easily affected by people and places. My parents were very ill and the fear of them dying pervaded my entire childhood and I suppose that fed my spiritual curiosity. No one was around to explain to me (or my Italian parents) that I was an empath. The energy within life’s forces, all people and things, were tangible for me from a very young age. I was a devoted member of our little church, its nurturing community and strong, female pastor. But I was also practicing astrology, tarot and wiccan rituals, before hitting puberty…not something I mentioned to the pastor or my parents.


When I was 19-years-old, the fear and dread I lived with daily became a reality. Both my parents passed away. Everything I thought I knew fell apart – and I think I must have gone a little nutty because during that time I explored many different states of consciousness. This trauma intensified my longing to understand the purpose and mysteries of life. Dabbling in the rituals and beliefs of many religions and spiritual philosophies, I constantly sought answers and looked for connections. Having to support myself, I dropped out of college and unwillingly found a career in finance, where I met my husband, Seth. Together, we tried to find a balance between achieving material success and spiritual awareness, while raising three sons.


 In 2005, after a series of misfortunes and challenges in every aspect of my life, I experienced a ‘dark night of the soul.’ I had hit rock bottom spiritually, emotionally, mentally and financially. Not only was I dissociated from my world, but I had also unwittingly become a victim of own life. It was at this time that I stumbled across my first energy healer. Walking into his office and after I had cried about all my troubles, the healer responded, “well, how do you feel that you created all this?” Being attached to my victim consciousness, my first reaction was to be offended and angry. This became the pivotal moment in my life.  I finally understood the connection to everything I had studied since I was a child. Why I had devoured every book on spirituality that I could lay my hands on. I didn’t know what I was looking for, until the revelation within that precise moment. The Universe was kicking my sorry ass into re-writing my story. I knew I was being called upon to create a spiritual life. A certainty, that to be of service to others, was essential.


Throughout my studies, my work and life experiences, I became aware that I had an innate gift of sensing the energy of spaces, so I took a leap of faith by leaving the corporate world and boarded a plane to Singapore, where I studied ancient Feng Shui with Grandmaster Raymond Lo. While my career as a Feng Shui consultant thrived in NYC, I deepened my practice into earth energies through Marie Diamond and cultivated my intuitive side. By adjusting the energy in homes, I developed my own unique method of creating harmony in people’s lives.


While I enjoyed my practice, I longed for a way to bring further healing and awareness. My two passions are Kabbalah and the human energy systems. The connecting links between all the ancient wisdoms, religions, spiritual principals, science, and our energy system are what turn me on. Nurturing my relationship with the Divine means healing myself and healing you.


Within a few years, through practicing and studying various ideas, techniques and recording all my results, I have developed my own method of helping people create more meaningful and fulfilling experiences. Through giving different perspectives on how to take personal responsibility for the energies we emit and manifest into our lives, we become divine co-creators and are no longer victims.


After being pushed by clear and unquestionable signs (and my husband), my purpose was unveiled. I took another leap of faith and relocated my family to Florence, Italy. We moved into a 16th century villa overlooking the vast landscape known as the home of the Renaissance. A place so rich with spiritual and transformative energies that it was able change the course and energy of human consciousness.  


In April 2014, after a series of Divinely orchestrated events and connections, I found myself teaching my methods to my first group of 11 people out of my Florentine living room. I quickly became aware that within us is an innate push that knows and appreciates there is more.  We all deserve better; we simply need someone to guide us.


I noticed when one person heals themselves and deepens their connection to the Divine, it elevates their world. What if we all understood we are connected to everything? What if we came together to change the world by filling it with spiritual consciousness?  With this idea, it became my mission not only to share my methods, but to create a community of individuals whose intention was to raise the collective consciousness and bring about a Spiritual Renaissance. A re-birth like no other. It seemed only fitting to call us the Lightworkers of Florence.


Over the past years, the Lightworkers of Florence have grown to several hundred local and global beams of Light. We grow daily. I continue to hold classes in my living room (when permitted), my backyard and through Zoom.


My teaching methods are practical and effective, with a no-nonsense approach that includes a lot of laughing – something that is healing in itself. Whenever we, as individuals, take responsibility for our own actions, for healing our own wounds, for understanding our connection to each other, and for becoming conscious of our own creative and Divine energy, we raise the frequency of our world.


I can help you find your Light.

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