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Ali Bogner

I have always been a seeker, even if I didn't always realize it...

From a young age, I had a fascination and curiosity with the ethereal and the unseen forces beyond our physical senses. However, it was not until 2005, following a sequence of personal crises, that I really understood what I was seeking. I experienced a profound 'dark night of the soul,' leaving me at my lowest point spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and financially. Not only was I dissociated from my world, but I had also unwittingly become a victim of own life. It was at this time that I stumbled across my first energy healer and finally understood that the Universe was kicking my sorry ass into awakening.


Since then, I've dedicated my life to exploring and understanding the intricate layers of the human energy field, focusing on how to help others navigate and heal their inner selves. The connecting links between all the ancient wisdoms, spiritual principals, science, and our energy system are what turn me on. Over the years, by diligently practicing, studying diverse concepts and techniques, and meticulously documenting the outcomes, I refined a distinctive healing and teaching methodology. This approach has proven transformative in assisting individuals to cultivate more meaningful and fulfilling life experiences.


Within each of us lies a deep-seated impulse; a knowing that there's more to life. We all deserve to experience better and possess the inherent capacity to heal; we simply need someone to guide us. My mission evolved into not just sharing my healing techniques, but fostering a community with a shared goal of self-healing, which naturally elevates the collective consciousness. I started this journey in my living room, offering a unique syllabus that cultivated a nurturing space for discovery, healing, and personal growth. My teaching methods are relatable, practical, effective, with a no-nonsense approach that includes a lot of laughing – something that is healing in itself. The four-week introductory course I designed has been lauded as transformative, often described as “better than years of therapy.” This initiative blossomed into The Lightworkers of Florence, a thriving community with hundreds of members who have embraced my teachings.


My one-on-one approach to energy healing synthesizes lessons from a lifetime of mentors and traditional wisdom together with my intuitive skills and innovative techniques. In my sessions, I focus on discerning the specific wounds individuals bear which allows me to identify and treat energetic imbalances that can lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual distress.


Whether in a group or private session, my goal is always to empower my clients by helping them discover the Light within them, which leads to increased awareness, self-healing and inner peace.


I can help you find your Light.

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