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Recommended Studies

Remember that you need to keep learning!! In order for it to “stick” in your brain AND to put yourself in “the correct intentions”, you need to keep learning!!! Read, watch videos, and talk about it all with your family and friends. Spread the light.

In alphabetical order

1. Abraham-Hicks

They are the absolute leader in Laws of Attraction. Books, lectures.

Check it out here


2. Barbara Ann Brennan      “Hands of Light”

if you’re interested in learning Energy Healing, this book is a must.

Check it out here

3. Ben Alexander, MD –     “Proof of Heaven”


4. Belsebuub

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 3.51.01 PM.png

5. Gabrielle Bernstein

…another NY chick that has the same philosophies as me and has a great way of explaining things and is especially gifted with reaching the younger generation.

Check her out here

6. Fritjof Capra – 
    “The Tao of Physics”


7. A Course in Miracles

It’s like the Bible of what I teach and it’s a huge school of thought. NOT an easy read, but contains amazing material. 

Check it out here

8. Gary Chapman –
“The 5 Love Languages”

Some say this is “a must read” for relationships.

Check it out here

9. Deepak Chopra

…all his stuff is great

Check it out here

10. Ram Dass –
“Be Here Now”


11. Marie Diamond

She has influenced me so much. Besides her Feng Shui and Dowsing instruction, her “Tubes of Light” and “Inner Diamond” methods really helped shaped my own daily practices.

Check it out here

12. Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe has influenced my thinking and teaching maybe more than anyone else. He brings together science and spirituality. He has amazing seminars all over the US and Europe…if you can, please go! But read his books (I especially love “Break the Habit of Being You” and “Supernatural”) or go on YouTube and watch tons of his videos.

Check him out here

13. Wayne Dyer

Dyer unfortunately passed away a few years ago, but fortunately left us with so much in the way of books and videos. My favorite book is probably “The Power of Intention” but anything by Dyer is fabulous! I find his voice incredibly soothing and he has tons of podcasts and videos if you do a search. I do a class on the Power of Intention as well.

Check him out here

14. Donna Eden
“Energy Medicine”


15. Dr. Emoto

You all know how I feel about the Japanese scientist and his experiments with water…

Check him out here

16. Pam Grout –
“E Squared”


17. Kabbalah

This is the foundation of all my beliefs. Dr. Rav Laitman teaches authentic Kabbalah. Watch literally thousands of lessons in many different languages online for free (download books as well!)

Learn more here

18. Byron Katie

19. David Hawkins
“Power vs. Force”

Another book that I would say should be required reading for all Lightworkers. This is the ultimate book that explains vibrations. ALL Dr. Hawkins books are pretty amazing and he developed something called the Map of Consciousness that is widely used and respected.

Learn more here

20. Louise Hay

is considered by many the Mother of Self-Healing and she recently passed away. Her affirmations are the best. You should definitely check out everything she’s done.

Check her out here

21. Herman Hess – “Siddhartha”


22. Ernest Holms -
“The Science of the Mind”


23. Holosync

This is an amazing meditation tool that I’ve spoken about in class. Listen to this as you meditate. Read up on it first to see if it’s for you, as it is very powerful.

Check it out here

24. Anodea Judith
“Eastern Body Western Mind” 

AMAZING book that has a brilliant, new way of explaining the chakra system that incorporates mind, spirit, psychology and both eastern and western philosophy. 

Check it out here

25. Bruce Lipton  - “The Biology of Belief”

26. Lynn McTaggart –
“The Field” and “The Bond”

McTaggart has a beautiful way of bringing spirit and science together and she also has a cool thing to be part of called "the intention experiment" – she does some amazing work that you should check out.

Check it out here

27. Sign up for "Messages from the Universe"

28. Dan Millman – “The Peaceful Warrior”


29. David Morehouse – “Remote Viewing”

30. Caroline Myss

I admit it – I am madly in love with Myss. I want to be her!! If you like the way I teach, you will love her. Listen to her video blogs on her webpage and she has an incredible amount of books and online courses.

Check it out here

31. Mark Nepo – “The book of Awakening”


32. Penney Peirce – “Frequency”

(actually, I like most books by her)

Check it out here

33. Nancy Privett – “Invisible Forces” 


34. Sabrina Reber –
“Raise your Vibration”  

While this book and website is great for everyone (her and I have almost the same philosophy), I find if you resonate with the idea of Christ Consciousness, you will enjoy this.

Check it out here

35. Robert Schwartz – “Your Souls Gift”


36. Florence Scovel Shinn  

was a woman way ahead of her time and wrote books in the early 20th century. She has influenced my life so much by teaching me the power of my words. Specifically, the books “The Power of the Spoken Word” and “The Game of Life and How to Play It”

37. Michael Singer – “The Untethered Soul”

Want to understand those voices in your head? This book is a must.  I led a book club on this a few years ago.

Check it out here

38. Eckhart Tolle  

Tolle, in my opinion, is one of the great enlightened beings on earth right now and I know he is sometimes difficult for some to understand, but not for my Lightworkers! I think “New Earth” is a very important read for Lightworkers in today’s world and I recently led a book club where we studied the book. You can watch the online Oprah and Tolle class on "A New Earth” - really amazing.

Check it out here

39. Vortex Healing

For those of you interested in becoming an Energy Healer, this is where I received much of my training.

Check it out here

40. Marianne Williamson  

is the Queen of a Course in Miracles. I love her so much. She has influenced me so much. All her books are great and she does tons of lectures, including twice a month from NYC. All information is on her website.

Check it out here

41. Gary Zukav - The Seat of the Soul

This book should be required reading for any Lightworker

Check it out here


1. “Heal”


2. “I AM”


3. "The Secret"

This movie was one of the first to explain the ideas of energy and laws of attraction. It gets a lot of criticism nowadays, but I still recommend it, because it does explain the basic ideas of energy, vibrations and laws of attraction in a simple way. It’s a perfect starting point. I like the original version with Esther Hicks, which is difficult to get, but I've got it and I sometimes offer a class on this.


4. “The Shift”


5. "What the bleep do we know”

I watched this movie for the first time in 2005 and changed my life.  (I do a level II class on this movie) check it out here


are a great way to keep up the work. You can listen to them in the car/plane/train or when you go for walks. I even like to listen to them while I cook. There are sooo many channels, but a couple of my favorites are:

1. “Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations”

2. “Wayne Dyer”

3. “Hay House Radio”

4. “Chopra Center Radio”

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