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Miracle shall follow miracle
and wonders will never cease

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When we take full responsibility for our lives and to heal ourselves, we heal our relationships, our community and ultimately, the world.



Ali Bogner

I was spiritual my whole life. I just didn’t know it. I was a seeker of sorts, always drawn to the invisible; the elusive forces that lurked behind our 5 senses...


Morning Exercises


Ground Yourself


Open Your Heart


Bring in Light


Protect Yourself

Abstract Surface

Ali, you bring me back to a human dimension. I feel stronger. I feel like I'm not weird or crazy. I feel I'm not separated, but connected. It gives me faith that good things exist...and I get the sense of peacefulness as the fear fades away. Thank you for your unique way to let spirituality and being human travel arm in arm - bring the divine down to earth.

- Carla, Florence

For over 20 years, Ali Bogner has dedicated her life to the study of energy, alignment, healing, meditation and helping others.  She has created a concise and effective syllabus for her students to journey towards their inward terrain, and Ali has her particularly witty way of disseminating the knowledge.  She provides a safe and confidential space in which to learn. Through her classes, friendships have been forged and the community has been strengthened as a result.

- Allyson, Florence

I was lucky enough to meet Ali when my life was undergoing transition. I had been to spiritual classes and healers in the past. But Ali’s no bullshit approach spoke to me. Her work is not a therapy session…it’s about accountability, growth and finding positive change, then unleashing that energy to others. I found community in her classes. Her teachings brought a calm to me. Thanks to Ali, I have faith that I am exactly where I need to be in my life.

- Caroline, Boston


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