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Thanksgiving Greetings

Happy Thanksgiving! Greetings to you all from my home in Brooklyn, where I’ve been for the past month. You all know that this is my favorite holiday and I have been looking forward to this Thanksgiving in particular for quite some time. It’s actually my first thanksgiving in NY since moving to Florence in 2013 and I had all sorts of plans for Thanksgiving and the weeks leading up. Last week, my son’s girlfriend Nicki tested positive for Covid and she has been quarantining in our basement since. This means that we’ve all been quarantining in our house and I’ve had to cancel all my festivities, including the big Thanksgiving dinner I had been planning for a long time. Yes, I was really bummed. Sometimes things can feel so shitty. Life doesn’t always go as planned and we don’t understand why we are going thru all this shit.

See, being grateful doesn’t mean that every aspect of your life is perfect. It doesn’t mean that you can’t feel grief, fear, hurt or anger. Gratefulness means that you appreciate the journey you’re on – even during the most challenging times. Sometimes, you can figure out the higher purpose behind the struggle. Sometimes. Other times, we have no freaking idea. But, there is a certain appreciation that comes from holding each other up when the road is rocky. We learn about strength, courage, compassion, the depth of our faith and our capacity to love. The struggle does indeed give us much to be grateful for…if we choose to find it.

It’s ok if things are scary right now. It’s ok if you don’t know what to do next. It’s ok if your plans get all messed up. It’s ok if the people you love are acting weird. And it’s ok if you’re just tired. It’s all ok. Just remember that we are all on a journey to find ourselves and this too is part of that path. So, as I walk around in my house in my pajamas all day, with gloves and a mask spraying disinfectant everywhere, I have an incredible amount of gratitude that our family is together and safe. Going through another challenge somehow brings us closer and lets us appreciate each other more (don’t get me wrong, I still want to slap everyone lol).

When I used to study with my teacher Zela in NY, she used to call us “the front-line people” meaning that we Lightworkers are the first to receive the Light and then it’s up to us to spread that Light to everyone. That is what it means to be a Lightworker. No one ever said that the Light hitting is comfortable…in fact, we don’t realize it’s the Light that is hitting us when shit goes wrong. The Light is visible only through conscious awareness. It’s the awareness to find the meaning behind the lesson and rise above the shit. And the easiest way to do that through gratitude. We then arm ourselves with our Light and awareness and we use it to help others. We are the Front-line bitches, if you will :)

This message is reaching 100s of Lightworkers. For a moment, imagine all these badass, beams of Light connected to each other and holding each other up… We are part of the same family and I hope you feel an incredible amount of gratitude as I do in that thought. If you find appreciation for every little thing, you will find your Light and then you can pass that shit on to everyone you meet. Be a Grateful Bitch.

Thank you all for being part of my family.

Much love to all of you,


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