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Heart Intelligence

The heart is way more than a muscle that pumps blood through your body. The heart has a power and intelligence that is complex and beautiful. There is an electromagnetic field created by your heart can be detected more than 3 feet away from your physical body. Our thoughts and emotions affect the quality of this field. People can actually feel you. In addition, that field is connected to the collective consciousness and affects our environment. In other words, your emotional state is something that is experienced not only by you, but by everyone. Once you become aware of this, you can understand your power, position and responsibility to the whole. Now, more than ever, there is much uncertainty and fear in the collective consciousness and people think that if they keep their hearts closed, it will protect them. This is actually counterintuitive and adding to the problems of the world. You need to consciously keep your heart open and treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping, because indeed you are.

Think of the collective consciousness as a pool that we are all swimming in, when you remain in a lower frequency of thought and emotion (fear, grief, anger, etc.) for an extended period of time, I like to say that “you are peeing in the pool.” Granted, some days it’s super hard to not feel like shit, but you can take a moment every day to become present. Put your hand on your heart, take a few deep breaths, and from your heart, conjure up the feeling of an elevated emotion like love, joy, gratitude or faith. Feel your heart expand like a ray of light inside your chest. The more you feel the elevated emotion, the further your heart expands. If you can hold that emotional frequency even for 30 seconds, you’ve not only raised your vibration, but made your world a better place. If you do this as a practice at least twice a day – especially if you start the day this way – you will see a tremendous amount of improvement in your own emotional well-being, which will then extend to those around you. Try it.

And remember, don’t pee in the pool.



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