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Lions Gate

Greetings from Brooklyn!

You know, I usually get a few calls/messages a week from Lightworkers who are dealing with some stuff and just want to talk to me…but in the past month…OMG so many. People are simply confused or at a crossroads in their lives and relationships and they just don’t know how to move forward. It seems that the things that were important and clear to you in the past, may not necessarily be what you’re feeling now. The things that defined you may not be fitting you so well anymore. Relationships, events, hopes, and fears are shifting for many, which is leaving us feeling clouded and awkward.

So, WTF is going on? I’ve been saying for a while that humanity is entering a new paradigm. We are moving more into the energetic world. We are starting to understand that the longing within us has nothing to do with the material stuff – It’s all about the invisible - the energy of ourselves, our relationships and the nature of our being. We are experiencing a huge transformation and it’s just getting a bit more intense now. We are in the process of learning who we are and exploring our connection to everything.

To put it simply, we are all collectively experiencing the effects of more Light entering the planet. I know it sounds strange, but just take a leap of faith with me in the energy world, OK? This Light contains information that our energy bodies are reading and absorbing – think of it as an “upgrade” to our energetic bodies. Now, you might be saying “hey, wait, the Light is what we want, so what the fuck!?!?” but think about it – what does the Light do? It exposes the darkness. And that shit is not always comfortable. Let me give you a way to think about this…imagine that you’re in a big, very dimly lit room for a month. You can see some stuff around you, but you get used to this lighting and you create your own reality about your surroundings and go about your life. Suddenly, the room is illuminated with a bright light. At first, your eyes hurt while getting used to the Light and it feels better to keep your eyes shut for a bit. Once your eyes adjust, you start noticing things in the room you didn’t know were there. There’s big dust balls in the corners and under the furniture. Some things are dirty, stained or broken, but you’d never noticed it before. Your outfit doesn’t look as good as you thought. What you thought was one thing, is actually something different. So, the light – while a beautiful gift – didn’t make everything instantly better; it just exposed all the things that need an upgrade. And that’s what’s going on globally. Everything is being exposed and we are being asked to reevaluate our life, our purpose, our intentions, priorities, relationships and our environment. We are starting to understand the nature of ourselves better. You are being asked to go deeper within yourself and take a look at yourself as a whole, who is part of the whole. To look at all aspects of yourself and become self-aware of your intricate connection to everything and to take full responsibility for the energy you are emitting. Time to stop blaming anyone or anything for your unhappiness. Time to shine a light on your shadow side that you’ve ignored in the past. Until you have looked at your shadow or your dark side (we all have a dark side…yes, even you) you can never fully expand, correct your soul and find your bliss.

I am constantly searching, observing, and listening to be of better service to all of you, so when I find that common denominator, I like to share it with you. I have been listening to all the messages I get, but also, the astrologists, energy readers, numerologists, healers, spiritual guides and they are all talking about the same thing – the opening of the Lion’s gate portal on Sunday, August 8th. To put it in simple terms, the Lion’s gate portal is an astrological event that marks the rising of the star Sirius, which is the brightest star in the night star and therefore, brings more light onto our planet. While this event occurs every year, everyone concurs that the energy of it this year is going to be quite powerful. There are many theories about the power of the Lion’s Gate energy, including that the ancient pyramids around the world act as transmitters of its Light, amplifying the vibrational energy sent to Earth. What makes it more potent this year is that the opening of this portal coincides with the new moon in Leo and the important date in numerology, 8/8.

The point is that I believe we are being given a very special gift and I would love to see all of us take advantage of this energy. The influence of the Lion’s gate plus the infinite potential of 8/8 and the manifesting power of the new moon are a potent combination that we can harness to help with our personal life, but more importantly, to bring about change to the world.

So, what should we do?

I want you to be a potent, conscious creator during this time. While the energy peaks on the 8th, the effects will be felt throughout the month of august, so let’s dedicate this month to raising our vibration.

Here is your assignment 

1. Figure out not only what you want to manifest in your life personally, but how you want to make a difference in the world. As an example, let’s just say you want more financial abundance in your life. The way the energy is unfolding right now, it is not enough to say you want more money to help you get a new car or house. Instead, start envisioning how having financial freedom will help you to be more of service to the world. You may not necessarily know what that will look like or how you would do it, but just have the desire and intention. Remember that when nothing is certain, anything is possible.

2. With your intention firmly set in your heart and mind, at the same time, I want you to shake up the energy of your home. Some examples are…Maybe move around some furniture, burn some candles and/or incense, organize a closet, fluff up some pillows, sweep under furniture, do something pretty to the entrance of your house or your bedroom, throw away stuff you don’t use anymore, clear off your desk, put up a new painting/photo, add plants/flowers in your house/garden, etc. As you make these changes in your home, keep your intention in your heart and start envisioning something better. We are all experiencing a bit of stagnant energy and we need to shake that shit up and give us all a higher perspective and a new reality.

3. When you are done, simply sit in gratitude.

4. It would be great if you did this exercise on the 8th, but maybe do it a few times. Maybe make a list of different things you want to do in your house and complete one thing per day.

Listen, I know that the idea of Light entering the Earth is a little out there, but when your computer or phone tells you that there’s an upgrade, you click a button and some invisible energy goes into your device and transmitting a message to upgrade. This is what is going on with humanity. We are energetic beings living in an energetic world. There are forces all around us and we are constantly sending and receiving messages. Time to start having an active, conscious and elevated conversation.

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